About the blogger

Andrew Park has many nick names: Panda, Pandrew, Psycho, PA and Tigger just to name a few.  Some describe Andrew Park’s energy level, some describe Andrew Park’s functions but the nick name that is most descriptive of range of Andrew Park’s life is perhaps “Tigger”.  Not only does Tigger properly describe Andrew Park’s energy level and enthusiasm in life but Tigger is a tiger which by category is a “cat”.  In the legends, we are told that cats have nine lives.  While the concept “nine lives” signals nine fold of regeneration of life, Andrew Park’s “nine lives” (metaphorically spoken) describe many different dimensions of his life.

On the One hand, Andrew Park is a full time IT contractor, specializing in Unix Administration and IT infrastructure consulting.  On another, he is an athlete who enjoys hardball baseball and has trained martial arts such as Judo (Black Belt) and Jujitsu (No-Gi Blue Belt).  When he is not working in IT or training, he is also a part time Th. M. (Master of Theology) student at Tyndale Seminary where he is expected to graduate in 2014.  His first graduate degree came from his education in the same institution (Tyndale Seminary) where he graduated with MTS (Master of theological studies) degree in 2004.  His part time pastoral journey began in February of 2002 until his hiatus from it in September of 2010.

The nickname “fightersheart” describes his identity, his desire and his outlook on influencing the next generation.  In Judo, “bad” senseis can only coach theories of judo and even though their techniques may look beautiful, their lessons do not present great tournament value.  “Good” senseis are those with tournament fighting experiences with little interest in teaching but “the Best” senseis are those who can “bridge” the two worlds of theoretic judo and tournament fighting judo.  “Fightersheart” describes Andrew Park’s heart’s desire to “bridge” the world of biblical scholars to the world of University students who might struggle with faith issues and Andrew Park also wishes to bridge the world of biblical reflection to the world of social issue reflections thereby allowing younger generation to have a faithful perspective on world events.  This blog is dedicated for that effort – bringing biblical perspective to social issues even though strict biblical exegesis might often appear in the blog.

Finally, Andrew Park’s big life statement once read “Making people smile and showing people how powerful thing true love can be” but it has been superseded with “to help people to answer life’s big questions” where he wants to embrace and help people who are in doubt and skeptical about Christian faith.
  • Born in 1975 in Seoul, Korea
  • Moved to Canada in 1989
  • Conversion to faith in 1990
  • IT Career begins in 1998
  • University graduation and Seminary education started in 2001
  • Began pastoral journey as Children’s Pastor at Yebon Presbyterian Church in 2002
  • Assumed the role of youth pastor  in 2004
  • Graduated with MTS degree from Tyndale Seminary in 2004
  • Assumed the role of college group pastor in 2005
  • Accepted to Th. M. program at Tyndale Seminary in 2008
  • Sabbatical from pastoral duties began in 2009
  • Fightersheart’s Blog started in 2011

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